Things To Know About Buying Salt Lamp

1. Make Sure It’s Himalayan Pink Salt:-

There are many imitation salt lamps out there. When you are getting Himalayan salt lamp. Make sure you’re getting the actual benefits by purchasing one guaranteed to be made.

2. Decide what shape you want:-

You can buy a lamp that features an organic, natural like shape,spheres,obelisks,  cylinders or pyramids to fit just about any decor style.

3. Be Prepared to Dust. A lot:-

The negative ions released by the lamp attached themselves to dust, pollen and dirt particles, which not only cleanses the air it causes the particles to become heavier and drop onto your surfaces. So you’ll probably find you need to dust more.

4. Pick the Right Surface:-

A salt lamp can sit on just about any surface, but just note that a little sweat can sometimes collect on them as the negative ions attract moisture in the air, especially if you live in a humid climate place the lamp on a piece of wood or plate, or buy one with a wooden stand many of them have this.

5. Buy the Right Size:-

Himalayan Salt Lamps are available in many sizes and shape,but you can buy salt lamps depending on your room size you’ll place it in. If you want to purify a large room then you want to buy a large salt lamp. We mentioned salt lamps sizes as per room sizes.

6. Replace the Bulbs When Needed:-

The salt lamp should last for a very long time.When bulb is fused you must needed to replace the bulb.

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