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Q: Lamp is WET when received? 

A: wipe lamp with dry cloth also remove cable and dry inside before plunging and turning on.

Q: How to Remove Bulb from the Lamp

A:  Push the lock to one side (if present), pull the wire slowly and hold both prongs before removing the holder fully, it prevent bulb from smacking inside the holder.

Q: Lamp is Leaking, is it normal?

A: Its the nature of the Salt lamp to absorb Humidity, to keep it dry Keep the lamp away from window and humid areas, keep lamp on(glow)  for few hours a day to keep it dry.

Q: Lamp not working?

A: Check fuse in the plug, replace with same amp fuse,

Q: Lamp still not working after changing the fuse?

A: Check the bulb if it blown, replace it with similar size bulb.

Q: How to remove bulb from the holder?

A: Turn bulb anticlockwise to remove.

Q: How to insert bulb holder inside Lamp?

A: Press the prongs towards the bulb and insert in Lamp, once both prongs inside lamp then it can be pushed all the way until holder base touch lamp.

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