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Himalayan Salt Lamp Beautiful Pink Crystal Salt Different Shapes Therapeutic Himalayan Salt Lamps (Heart Shape Lamp, ON/Off Switch Cable)


Himalayan Salt Lamp Beautiful Big Heart Shape

Dimensions 19 cm x 15 cm.

(Quality of wood base, Cable and Bulb)

Exceptional Value: We believe in offering exceptional quality at an exceptional price so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this natural Himalayan Salt

Some Important Benefits of Salt Lamps.

  • Reform the air and kills bacteria and other jerks. Makes environment more human friendly to breath.
  • Naturally increase your sleep.
  • Reduce stress and makes you feel light.
  • Continue usage of salt lamp makes you clever and active.
  • Increase your efficiency and work ability.
  • In your bedroom makes the environment more romantic and calm.
  • Asthma patent gets breath more smoothly and easily when they are around salt la